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I'm Stephan, your local, easy to understand, affordable Staten Island Web Designer.

I’m a self-taught web designer and web developer based in NYC. I started Sites By Stephan in April of 2023 because I wanted to make a career out of something I enjoy – building websites!  The main goal of my business is to provide personalized, straightforward and affordable web design services to residents and businesses in Staten Island (and NYC). Unlike other people in my field, I focus on your goals and needs before pitching solutions. I ditch the tech talk and use everyday language to explain concepts and guide my clients. And most importantly, I’m able to keep costs low because I am a one man team.

Please feel free to browse my site and reach out if you have any questions regarding my services. I typically respond within 24-hours.

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"Stephan has made a big impact in our success and daily functionality. He offers his services at a very reasonable rate. He helped create our vision and continues to provide assistance and instruction whenever we need it. looks and functions beautifully! "
"Stephan was a pleasure to work with! He swiftly recovered my 20 year old website from hackers and rebuilt it from the ground up with security in mind! Thank you so much!"

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Primoends *NEW*

I aided Primoends L.L.C. in the creation and customization of their multi-vendor marketplace for designer home decor on the Shopify platform.

In less than a year the business has gone international.


The Benjamin Goldman Law Office hired me to rebuild several low-performing websites. I was solely responsible for the creation of over one thousand fast loading, mobile-friendly landing pages. My work resulted in the Benjamin Goldman Law Office expanding it’s Traffic Ticket Law Firm services to every town and village in upstate New York.


The Benjamin Goldman Law Office also asked me to service their Wordpress based website that deals with local traffic ticket matters in New York City.


Renown Iranian Musician Tania Eshaghoff asked me to recover and rebuild her hacked website. She preferred a very customized user experience.

Affordable Staten Island NY Web Design Services

Website Design

Hand coded custom websites, WordPress websites, portfolio websites, product & service landing pages, blogs and e-commerce stores. Fully customizable and responsive for every device and web browser.​

Website Optimization

Site-wide tune ups resulting in faster page loading and fewer visitors leaving. Enhance your visibility on Google with local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques and best practices.​

Website Maintenance

Maintenance includes tasks such as adding or improving existing content, maintaining old code, ensuring security is up to date, server fixes and more.

Website Backups

Digital and physical media backups that keep your website safe even in the worst case scenario.

Looking for help?

If you are seeking a Web Developer or Web Designer in Staten Island, NY or you would like more information regarding my services, feel free to reach out. I typically get back to inquiries within 24 hours.

P: (929) 766-3523 (TEXT OK!)

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