You Messed Up.

Everyone knows you did it. Now you’re going to jail. To make matters worse, our attorneys can’t keep it from happening.

How Did This Happen?

You could have avoided this. But instead of doing that, you did the thing and now you’re going to jail. Do you feel bad? I bet you do. And now you’re here, looking for an attorney to get you out of this mess. Well, you’re in luck. We have attorneys. Who go to court. And do attorney things. Like say “objection” and “my client is innocent” (even when we all know you’re not).


I wish I went with another law firm.
John Doe
Man in Jail
Clients (We think)
Missed calls this morning
Missed court dates

You Should Have Listened

But now you’re wanted for murder, larceny, drunk driving, public indecency, trespassing, abduction, drug possession, arson, robbery, shoplifting, assault, domestic abuse, embezzlement, bribery, grand theft auto, stalking, cybercrimes, hacking, possessing an unregistered weapon and receiving service without a shirt or shoes.

But hey, at least you didn’t run that red light.

man in suit holding head

This is a lawyer

He’s the guy who’s gonna keep try to convince everyone you didn’t murder people on CCTV. His job would be much easier if you didn’t wave at the camera and leave your ID at the scene of the crime.

Now apologize.

Videos of You Comitting Various Crimes

You really couldn’t help yourself, could you?

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